The countdown has already ended!

Ring in 2017 at the 8th Annual CherryT Ball Drop

Join thousands of revelers at the corner of Front and Park streets in Downtown Traverse City this New Years Eve.  Enjoy a Live DJ for dancing in the streets starting at 10:00pm with the countdown to the Dropping of the Cherry at Midnight!


CherryT Ball Drop Presents: Parallel 45 Theatre’s  A Christmas Carol in Prose

Past. Present. Future. Humbug! CherryT Ball Drop and Parallel 45 Theatre invite you to experience Dickens’ holiday masterpiece like never before—at a party! When Dickens penned a story called A Christmas Carol in Prose, he had no idea it would come to define the holidays for generations—or be adapted into films, cartoons and musicals more than 150 years later. Parallel 45 Theatre peels back more than a century of adaptations and interpretations to reveal the heart of this classic story. Utilizing non-traditional seating, imaginative props, volunteer interaction, and the entire City Opera House as their stage, these fiercely talented actors will share the beauty of Dickens’ original language with an audience mesmerized by the power of this simple story and the spectacle of illusion. Enjoy the festive atmosphere of a holiday gathering, surrounded by friends, neighbors, and some of the best theatre artists working today.  Soak in the sights and sounds of the season while actors move throughout the space as this timeless tale unfolds around you, capturing the true magic of the holidays.

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