Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is the CherryT Ball Drop?

The Traverse City New Year’s Eve CherryT Ball drop is a non-profit 501(c)4 organization (ID 45-2569263) that will hold an annual celebration on December 31. The non-profit organization raises money and collects non-perishable food items while people party for a purpose in Traverse City’s own version of Time Square. We support non-profit charities through participation and also charities the board designates as the major recipients each year.

What does CherryT stand for?

CherryT is a play on words for Charity and the cherry, a symbol of the Traverse City region, which grows about 75% of the nations tart cherry crop each year.

How did the CherryT Ball Drop get started?

There was a small group of individuals that wanted to do something fun in Downtown Traverse City on New Years Eve, and give back at the same time. These volunteers continue to give significant amounts of time, money, and energy to make sure this event continues into the future.

Is this event crowded?

YES. If you don’t like crowds – stay home!

What drops at midnight on New Year's Eve?

A Beautiful Lit Cherry of Course!

Where is the celebration?

At the downtown intersection of Front Street and Park Street in Traverse City, Michigan.

Who can attend the celebration?

Anyone is welcome. The intention is a family friendly event that all can enjoy. Please note that it is extremely crowded at this event. Donations for entry are happily accepted. Suggested donation is $3.

Is alcohol available?

This is a family friendly event. Traverse City Ordinances and State of Michigan Laws do NOT allow open alcohol containers on city streets. Many nearby bars and restaurants would love to have you stop in for service.

When is the event?

Music and entertainment start at 10:30 pm on December 31st and run until just after midnight.

Is there a charge for the event?

Yes. A suggested admission donation of $3 or 3 non-perishable food items.

Where should we park?

Please park in the two available parking decks. The Larry C Hardy Deck is between Front St and State St, east of Park St and the Old Towne Parking Deck is between 7th St and 8th St, west of Cass. Both decks will stay open past midnight to accommodate drivers. BATA also has busing services. Contact BATA for their specific schedule.

Are there any street closings we should be aware of?

At 4 pm on December 31, Park Street from Grandview Parkway to State Street, as well as Front Street from Wellington St. to Cass St. will be closed. Alley Access, north and south of Front St will be limited between Park Street and Cass Street.

If we are North of Front Street, how do we get to the CherryT Ball Drop?

 If you park north of Front Street, you will need to walk to Cass Street at Front Street to access the Front Street celebration.

What about the public walkway over the bridge at the Farmer's market and between Pangea's Pizza and Kilwin's Chocolates?

This walkway will be open to the public.

What about the one way alley north and parallel to Front Street and east of Cass St?

Due to the closing at Cass St., this alley will be closed to traffic. Business and building owners/occupants will have access only. Please find an alternate route.

What about parking in the Farmer's Market?

Public Parking is available at Grandview Parkway and Cass Street in the Farmer’s Market.

What about the Marina?

Public Parking is available in the Marina

What about the Chamber of Commerce Building?

There is public limited parking available at the Chamber of Commerce building and City Lot D. However, Park Street will be closed to all pedestrian AND car traffic between the Grandview Parkway and State Street. Please use Cass Street to enter

What non-profits benefit from the festivities?

Food Pantry’s and other charities nominated by the CherryT Ball Drop Board will benefit from donations raised.

How much money have you raised?

Over the Last 6 years the equivalent of over $64,845 of cash and food equivalent has been donated to local food banks.

How far does the Cherry drop?

The cherry drops from over the downtown skyline starting at 115 ft. in the air to just above the stage backdrop.

What was last year's attendance?

The unscientific estimate was between 8,000 to 12,000 people attended. If you do NOT like crowds – stay home!

Are there public restrooms available?

There are port-a-potty restrooms available at each entrance to the event (Cass St and Front St, Park St and State St, and Boardman St and Front St) for those “have to go” emergencies. Due to crowds, port-a-potty restrooms are not able to be placed closer to the Park St. and Front St. intersection. Note: it’s cold, the port-a-potty restrooms are outdoors, and the seats are not heated – go before you come down.

Is there entertainment?

Dancing in the street from a live DJ and Fireworks at Midnight!

Are there police present?

Yes. The Traverse City Police Department and the Grand Traverse County Sheriff’s Department will have several officers on hand to supervise the festivities.

Are there any restricted areas?

Yes. Please respect the safety barricades for police access, fire exits, and fireworks safety zones required by local and state laws.

Are there going to be fireworks?

Yes, a short fireworks display is planned. If the wind is greater than 14 mph the fireworks display will be cancelled.